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Alumni Rush Event at Union League

The Philadelphia Association of Zeta Psi hosted an event at the Union League in Philadelphia on January 23 to help support the Chapter’s rush.  In addition to the 33 actives who attended, 15 freshman gentlemen joined as well.  This event is held annually and gives the freshman an opportunity to hear what Zeta Psi has meant to both actives and alumni alike. In addition to the cocktails and food, the event always includes a few minutes where the actives and alumni join in a circle and convey what the Sigma meant to each individual both while an active, and since.  It’s a great opportunity for the freshman to hear multiple perspectives and see what joining Zeta Psi can bring both while a student and after.

In attendance to convey the perspective of an alum were Michael Scullin ‘79, Carter Caldwell ‘99, Sean Gallagher ‘94, Chris Rice ’76, Elliot Taylor ’18, and Christian De’Abreau ’18.  Discussion centered around the value of the relationships one builds while a Sigma during one’s days at Penn, and how those relationships continue well after graduating.  There were stories of alums making plans to see each other well after graduation, such as Sean Gallagher ‘94 talking about meeting up with 18 other of his contemporaries this past summer in New Orleans for Jazz Fest, and when the daughter of Bill Conrad ‘78 got married this past September and at least 5 of his contemporaries came to Philadelphia to join in the festivities.

Stories about the lasting relationships also included the experience Paul Lisiak ‘97  had in November of being at a restaurant in Los Angeles and seeing his Dan Green ‘96 who lives in Hong Kong who happened to be walking by his table, and Carter Caldwell’s story of having lunch the very same day as the rush event, when he received an email from Sam Oh ’92 coming up with an idea for the new Penn squash courts that would involve Brian Roberts ‘81, who happened to be sitting at the table next to Carter.

These stories of lasting friendships, a love for the history of the house, and a commitment to preserving the chapter for future generations continues to prove strong amongst the alumni and actives, and was certainly recognized by the rushes in attendance.