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Walter Douglas giving his presentation

Sigma Speaker Series

In September, the Sigma Chapter started a new event that we hope to continue into the future. The new initiative is known as the Sigma Speaker Series and will hopefully occur once every semester where an individual – Sigma alum or not – will come to the Chapter House, join the actives in dinner, and then move to the living room where he/she will make a presentation to discuss his/her career, perspectives on their time as a student, and provide interesting perspectives on things that have shaped their career and life direction over the years.

Walter Douglas, David Sims, Julius Lang and Michael Scullin

The actives chose Sigma alumnus, and US Deputy Secretary of State, Walter Douglas ’77, to be the inaugural speaker.  Walter has spent most of his career living abroad while representing the United States in Islamabad, Riyadh, New Delhi, Turkey, Cyprus, Iceland, South Korea, and Cote d’Ivoire.  Based on his career spent in posts across the world, his perspectives on current world events, and how such events are shaped by US policies, were fascinating.  Given how many of the Sigma actives are from other countries, the discussion that ensued was exceptional and included many interesting points of discussion.

Walter discussed his career and the United States’ policies across a variety of administrations with the group of undergraduates and alumni in attendance.  Julius “Dewess” Lang ‘78 has this to say about the event:

“The active Zetes were extremely engaged in a discussion of careers in foreign service, and the policies of the current Administration, with lots of great questions. Walt handled it all with a professionalism we could all only dream of.”

L-R: Carter Caldwell, Julius Lang and Ken Kazahaya

In addition to more than 30 actives who attended the event, some of Walter’s classmates and Alumni Association Board members joined in on the event as well, including David Sims ’76, Julius Lang ’78, Chris Rice ’76, Michael Scullin ’79, Ken Kazahaya ’89, and Carter Caldwell ’99.  If you have suggestions of who would be an interesting speaker, or if you would be interested in attending the next such event, please let Carter Caldwell know by emailing him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..