Undergraduate Housing Mandate

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A real threat to the Sigma, and all Greek chapters at Penn, is now looming…
Penn’s President and Provost announced on September 27 a new mandate that both freshman and sophomores will be required to reside in a College dorm building starting the fall of 2020.  This new requirement directly impacts the Sigma, as well as Penn’s 31 other Greek chapters, which are currently occupied by a mix of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 
The University has a 90% occupancy rate requirement which, if the Chapter doesn’t meet, will automatically put the Chapter on probation.  If that sub-90% occupancy rate continues, then the Chapter’s charter will be revoked and kicked off campus.  For the Sigma, that requires that at least 14 gentlemen live in the Chapter house and sophomores have made up more than half of the chapter house’s residents for quite a number of years.  Without exaggeration, this new mandate threatens the very existence of Zeta Psi at Penn. 

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at Penn has yet to publicly state a stance on this new University mandate but, without their effort to amend this new University residency mandate, much of Penn’s Greek system will collapse and disappear.  This does call into question if this is a step the University is making to eliminate fraternities and sororities at Penn without openly making that decision. 
So much of Penn’s history and success is due to individuals who were members of the Greek system at Penn.  Just think of some of The Sigma’s alumni who have gone on to have tremendous success in so many industries and who are also some of the largest donors to the University.  To see that possibly disappear because of this new requirement would be a complete shame.