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Sigma Alumni Recognized

Recently, two Sigma alumni were featured in the "30 Under 30" list in Forbes Magazine.

Michael Xufu Huang '17, who majored in art history and marketing at Penn was featured for his art collections and exhibitions. He is co-founder of the nonprofit private art museum M WOODS, located in Beijing's 798 Art District. He has been an art collector since the age of 16, known for his fashionable style and soft-spoken attitude, he is on his way to continued success. Huang had this to say when asked in an interview for what he brings to the table with M WOODS:

"For me, I'm more into what's happening right now and the artists that are growing with me. Since I'm younger than the other co-founders, I grew up in the computer age. I'm very much into the Post-Internet movement - that's my focus."

Brett Perlmutter '09 was recognized for his work for Google in Cuba with the country's high-speed Internet as Head of Cuba Strategy & Operations. Perlmutter was recognized by President Obama for his work in getting Internet access to the Cuban people. He spent three years lobbying and leveraging Google's influence to get Cubans online.

"Perlmutter has taken Google from a position of suspicion and anxiety within the Cuban government to a position of a working partnership," says James Williams, president of Engage Cuba.

Congrats brothers!