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Charles Ingersoll '69 Recalls the Good Ol’ Days: 1965-69

Brother Charles Ingersoll '69 was no stranger to Zeta Psi when he first decided to pledge his freshman year.

“My cousin Joe Ingersoll — [who is] a few years older than me — was a member and encouraged me,” Ingersoll said. “I also had other classmates [who were] interested and ultimately joined.”

Ingersoll felt that his time in Zeta Psi made his overall Penn experience all the more worthwhile, as he was able to create a brotherhood that ultimately became a family.

“The fraternity experience made Penn a little smaller and less daunting,” he said.

Ingersoll is unique in that he was elected President for three of his four years, when most Presidents serve only one year. This continued reelection enabled him to leave his own personal mark on the fraternity and helped shape it going forward. But he also gained something in return: “administrative skills and lifelong friends,” he said. Ingersoll married his senior year and went immediately into the military after graduating.

“Then, I began to work at Fidelity Bank in Philadelphia,” Ingersoll said. “In its trust department.”

Ingersoll enjoys attending the alumni events and seeing his brothers and classmates from time to time. He retired just last year and now lives at the Cathedral Village retirement community in the Andorra area. The style of living there reminds him of the times at Zeta Psi and Penn.

“It’s sort of like college,” Ingersoll said. “I live in a dormitory type setting and have communal meals in the dining room.”