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Fraternity experience inspired and prepared Brother Casey Lynch '03 for success

Working a corporate job taught Casey Lynch (’03) that the corporate life was not the right fit for him.  He was always looking for more freedom and autonomy, so starting his own company was almost inevitable.

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue his MBA in finance at UCLA, Lynch founded a real estate development company in 2009, LocalConstruct.  He saw the financial crisis at the time as an opportunity and used it to his advantage.

His company originally started from one condo in Los Angeles, and has now grown to 2,500 apartments across four states. He considers this company one of his life’s biggest successes, aside from his wife of 11 years and two children.

During time spent with Zeta Psi, Lynch learned that he had, what he called, a “pioneering spirit.”

During time spent with Zeta Psi, Lynch learned that he had, what he called, a “pioneering spirit.”  He also learned how to interact with a diverse group of people from different places, with different interests, and focus on different studies, which helped him develop skills that he would draw from in his professional career.

He formed close, long-lasting relationships with a few of the Brothers, and still tries to keep in touch with them.

“There are some who are in Los Angeles, so we try to get together from time to time,” Lynch said.

Once a year, Lynch also tries to make a trip to New York, to catch up with the Brothers who still live there. He lived in New York immediately after he graduated before he eventually moved to Los Angeles.

Reflecting on his time with Zeta Psi, some of the memories that stick out to Lynch the most are having ice sculptures at formals and the annual pool tournaments with his brothers. He also remembers having a close relationship with their bouncer, “Two.”

Lynch’s advice for the younger members of Zeta Psi is to take advantage of the networks available to them.

“There are a lot of successful people in the world,” he said. “You can find a lot of inspiration from these people.”