At the House - A New Look for the Library

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Renovations Maintain Historical Touches with Upgraded Function and Utility

During this past summer, the Chapter House’s Library received a much-needed renovation.  The goal of the renovation was several fold: 1) morph the Library from a run-down room that came across as an after-thought, 2) make the room functional so that brothers could utilize it to both work and gather, and 3) make it a room that the brothers wanted to show off during the rush process and help them recruit new members who wanted to see a house that shows history, but also meets a desire to be up-to-date in decoration and utility.

Until this past summer, the Library rug has been there for many, many years and had holes that nearly ran the length of the rug.  It would be interesting to know how many generations of our alumni had walked on that very same rug.  The center table which, simply due to its placement and size, became the focus of the room and was very shaky and broken in some places.  Many of the chairs around the table were broken, the Library bookshelves were beginning to bow, and one of the draws was missing as well.  So, it simply got to a point where a renovation was necessary.

So, after meeting with a number of the active brothers and meeting with an interior designer, the Library began its renovation.  By the end of the summer, the Library emerged as a room that meets the goals and is consistently being used.  The room was painted with navy blue, received new curtains that match the wall color, and a new light fixture for the ceiling that creates more light.  Additionally, two new lounge chairs, side tables, and floor lamps were purchased to create two reading areas on the sides of the room.  The room received a new rug which looks fantastic.  The bookshelves were each removed, stripped of their paint, and re-stained, and the crown molding’s half-century old paint was dripped and re-stained to match the wooden bookshelves.

Finally, and most prominently, the center table was given a lot of focus by a master wood craftsman who completely disassembled the table, repaired, sanded, and re-stained it and the final result is a beautiful, stable, and usable table that is functional and eye-catching.

When you return to the Chapter House for Homecoming on November 4, please come see the new Library for yourself.