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Seth Schorr ’99 On Making the Most of the Fraternity Experience

While the adage “never judge a book by its cover” is usually a smart way to live, there are, of course, exceptions to every rule, and Seth Schorr ’99, is glad he decided to break this one. Recalling how he first became interested in the fraternity due to the beautiful and unusual architecture, Seth quickly found that there was much more to explore inside the walls.

“I joined Zeta Psi my freshman year,” he recalls. “The shape of the house, the uniqueness of the brotherhood, and all the eclectic backgrounds of the members are what drew me to the fraternity.”

Living in the house is something that Seth recommends to all brothers and something he was able to do for a short period of time. Total immersion into the fraternity is a great way to develop the relationships and the brothers themselves, according to Seth. “Spending as much time in the house as possible gets you the most out of the experience and builds life-long relationships.”

Although he moved out his sophomore year, Seth was certainly not a stranger to the house. “I lived in the card room during Rush, but moved down the street sophomore year above the White Dog Café,” he says. “I did sleep about 50 percent of the nights on one of the brother’s futons!” he laughs.

Socially, Seth has many fond memories that he carries with him to this day, events that allowed him to develop deep connections with his brothers. “Some of my most special memories include skipping through the streets of Philadelphia on Hell Night, Thursday line-ups, late night parties until the early hours of the morning, living in the house over the summer, and playing Quake on the newly-installed Ethernet!” he recalls.

And, as any young man living on his own with a group of guys would, Seth holds a special place in his heart for two very important people to the fraternity. “I will always remember Diane, the maid, and Fred, the cook,” he smiles.

Like any good college student, Seth found balance between the social aspects of Zeta Psi and the academic responsibility to do well in college. Majoring in Chinese History, Seth feels that Zeta Psi taught him important lessons that continue to serve him well today.

“I learned at Zeta Psi the importance of building relationships, which is critical in any career,” he says. And those relationships extend far beyond the University of Pennsylvania, and the U.S. itself.

“Later in life, I actually spent a lot of time in Hong Kong with fellow Zetes,” states Seth.

Continuing those relationships is important to Seth and he remains in contact with many of his brothers.

“In the past year alone, I have spent time with Aaron Ratner ’98, Ross Peet ’96, Paul Lisiak ’97, Sean McDonald ’00, Sameer Gupta ’94, Tim Young ’99, Ali Ispahani ’00, Grant Rippetoe ’94, Jason Henthorne ’93, Justin Hopkins ’01, Jeremy Smith ’98, Max Herberstein ’99, John Gutwillig ’97, Carter Caldwell ’99, Marc Ganzi ’93, and Kevin Abrams ’96.”

Today, Seth serves as CEO of Fifth Street Gaming, a full-service hospitality and casino management company based in Las Vegas. He is also CEO of Dunbar, a financial services company, and sits on many boards. Seth has two children, Dax (8) and Mia (4).

As he has done over the years since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Seth hopes the next generation of Zeta Psi brothers continue to represent the fraternity well, but make sure to have fun.

“Enjoy your time at Zete and make lots of friends. Don’t take your life too seriously, there will be plenty of time for that!”