Not Your Typical Fraternity

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Harlan Flagg '04 Immediately Drawn to Unique Spirit of Zeta Psi

Upon entering the University of Pennsylvania, Harlan Flagg '04 was not convinced that Greek Life was the path he wanted to take, but all that changed when he was introduced to Zeta Psi.

“I was not planning to join a fraternity, but after attending an event and meeting the brothers, it was apparent that the Sigma Chapter of Zeta Psi was not your typical fraternity,” he explains.

That rush event was a turning point for him.

“It wasn’t the animal house experience I was anticipating,” he says. “Zeta Psi was more sophisticated, and I was impressed by the brothers. They displayed a sense of maturity and responsibility.

After pledging and being initiated into Zeta Psi, Harlan moved into the house his sophomore year, which provided him with the chance to immerse himself fully into the fraternity.

“Within those walls I shared many meals, played countless games of pool, and forged relationships to last a lifetime,“ he says.

In addition to the hours spent in the house, the brothers enjoyed campus events, and meeting and connecting with other people both inside and outside of the Greek system. But perhaps Harlan’s favorite memory was a road trip in 2001.

“I will never forget the trip we took to New York City,” he says. “I was joined by several brothers, some barely pledges at that time, and others who had graduated years before. I’ve never experienced New York like that before and I probably will never again!”

The trip to NYC was just one example of how close the brothers of Zeta Psi become, regardless of their graduation year. Harlan feels that Zeta Psi has a special relationship between alumni and active brothers—one that is perhaps unrivaled in terms of their commitment to helping each other.

“The best way I can put it, is that we continue to be a close family long after we graduate,” he explains. “ I remember when I was still a pledge, one of the older brothers told me to call a graduated brother and he would be happy to speak with me. It struck me as strange at the time, but now I understand. I would not hesitate to help a fellow brother, current or otherwise, if one called me today. That’s just the way we are.”

After graduation, Harlan founded Hollywood Electronics, the world’s top dealer and performance tuner for electric motorcycles. Now in a position to give back, Harlan contributes to the chapter in the hopes that his support will help brothers that come after him.

“I feel very fortunate to have had the Sigma Chapter of Zeta Psi in my life,” he says. “I hope my support will help it continue for years to come.”

As Harlan focuses on building his business and career, he will always remember the profound impact Zeta Psi had—and still has—on his life.

“My brothers have always been an invaluable resource for me,” he says. “Whether it is business advice, networking, or if I’m just in need of a confidant, I know I can always count on my brothers.”