How Did Zeta Psi Influence You?

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Over the years, we've documented the stories of Zeta Psi Brothers spanning the decades. We’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stories of so many successful alumni, such as:

These busy brothers took just 15 minutes out of their day for Zeta Psi, sharing their life stories and why they’re passionate about the fraternity. Can you spare 15 minutes to answer a few questions about your Zeta Psi years, the impact they made on your life, and where you are now? If so, take this short survey.

Or, take just five minutes to fill out our alumni update form. Simply share an update on your life, recent achievements, or a few words about your Zeta Psi years.

 Zeta Psi had a hand in who we all are today—take a few minutes to share your story.