Major Library Renovation Happening Because of Loyal Donors

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It may come as a surprise to some, but the library is one of the most heavily used rooms in the chapter house, especially during mid-terms and finals weeks. Over the years, we’ve certainly put a lot of wear and tear on it. That’s why we’re putting some of our annual fund money towards a total overhaul of the library. We'd like to thank all the generous alumni who’ve donated to our annual fund over the years, ultimately making this important renovation possible.

Here’s a breakdown of all the work that will go into the library:


  • Replace the beat up rug with a brand new rug

  • Updates to the library shelves that line two of the walls:

    • Strip all varnish and dark stain 
    • Rebuild drawers where needed
    • Fabricate new oak shelves where needed
    • Repair, stain, and clear coat the shelves to match the existing finish in the room
  • Painting & wall patches

    • All walls to be patched and repainted
    • All trim and bookcases to be retouched to match existing color
    • Ceiling to be patched and repainted
  • Electrical upgrades

    • Replace the existing light fixture
    • Add a medallion to the ceiling above the new lighting fixture
  • Furniture additions

    • Add several new leather reclining chairs around the library
    • Add two floor lamps to provide additional light, particularly near the leather reclining chairs
    • Repair the current library table, which is unstable and partially broken
    • Add new chairs around the repaired library table

When the undergrads return in the fall, they’ll have a brand new library to break in! Be sure to check it out for yourself this fall when you return for homecoming or another weekend.

We can’t thank our alumni enough for the generosity that is enabling this major renovation project. Giving to our annual fund truly does make a difference in the long run. We encourage you to become—or remain—a loyal donor to the annual fund, which keeps Sigma Chapter going strong.