Extending the Sigma's history of entrepreneurship

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The entrepreneurial spirit continues within Sigma alumni. Many Sigma alums have identified market needs and opportunities to start and build successful businesses over the years across many different industries from finance, gaming, law, real-estate, construction, and many more.

One of the industries which has shown a tremendous amount of growth within the last few years, both within the United States, but also globally, is the cannabis industry. Global funding of cannabis-related companies last year was $205 million into 96 companies, which was surpassed only by 2015’s $225 million into 106 companies in 2015.0

The last two years also saw six IPOs of companies operating within the cannabis industry. Brother Ryan McShane ’06 has decided to pursue his entrepreneurial desires by opening a cannabis dispensary in Spain, called Remedy Barcelona. According to McShane, cannabis is "100 percent legal for recreational and medicinal" use in Barcelona and Remedy Barcelona just celebrated its one-year anniversary. McShane splits his time between Barcelona and Philadelphia.