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Class of '91: Celebrating 25 Years!

As the year's end is approaching, now is a great time to look back, not just on this past year, but on previous years as well. Congratulations to the class of 1991, who is currently celebrating 25 years. We dug up the old composite photo to share with everyone and reflect on the past two-and-a-half decades. Pictured here are:

Back: Grant L. Rippetoe, Jason F. Henthorne, Brent E. Garcia, Marc C. Ganzi, Eric Lombardini, DanIel Savyckyj, Michael Minadeo

2nd Row: Robert A. Swanwick, Kostas Mitropoulos, Gian Carlo Bernardini, Jeffrey M. Hornstein, Wikos Panagiotopolous, Erich Braun

Front: John R. Campbell, Saquib H. Shirazzi, Sam W. Oh , Arthur C. Butcher, Christopher R. Jennings, II, Mann A. Shoffner, Kurt L. Apen

Missing: Mark J. Tarone, Sean Gallagher

What do you miss about the chapter back in the 80's/90's? Share your memories here.