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"As we become older, it might be said we become alumni of life. With luck, we are smarter than we were in our younger days, more experienced and discerning, have accumulated some degree of wealth from the hard work we did in our careers, and may now have some free time.

Experience is the great teacher if we are able to accept our failures as lessons learned and our successes as sometimes just good luck. What we have chosen to tackle and what we decided to avoid are key decisions that may be as important as how we carry them out.

Among the choices we made long ago was our decision to rush the Sigma house. Of the dozens of fraternities available to thousands of students, we all share a remarkable trait: the decision to join Zeta Psi. Because joining is largely self-selected, those who do join Zete are people who almost always should join Zete. The result is the development of a tight knit group of individuals who, together, make up a better-than-average cadre of people.

The fraternity itself is managed by the Philadelphia Association of Zeta Psi, a small and committed group of alumni volunteers who serve as officers and directors to oversee the chapter’s affairs. To be fair, they are truly the unsung heroes of the Sigma chapter.

After graduation, most of us leave our thoughts of Penn behind as we seek jobs, continue our education elsewhere, or begin raising families. The connections we had with Sigma and the people we knew so well often fade and the contributions Zeta Psi once made to our lives tend to be forgotten.

Meanwhile, the officers and directors continue to serve on behalf of the fraternity and its members, a commitment that fully demonstrates their loyalty and support for the chapter’s legacy and their commitment to the welfare of the active brothers.

Current Alumni President Carter Caldwell ’99 has embarked on an engagement program that is inviting alumni, both young and old, to become more involved in the fraternity. It’s a challenge reaching out to alumni by phone, email, and in person, to reengage them in the activities of the Sigma chapter.

However, it’s an important step toward reinvigorating alumni interest and developing that which is necessary to the ongoing success of the fraternity as an institution and a service organization for active brothers.

Turning our thoughts back to our memories of the fraternity from today’s older and wiser perspective enables alumni to realize a deeper appreciation for Zeta Psi, its value to them in days past, and its value to lower classmen today.

You’re invited to reengage with your Sigma Chapter. Attend Homecoming or the Spring Banquet. Visit the chapter house and rekindle your memories. Meet the officers and get a sense of their pride and passion. And always enjoy your place in the legacy of Sigma Zeta Psi."

In Tau Kappa Phi,
Page Stull '72