Jason Henthorne ’93: "Our chapter is filled with greatness"

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My name is Jason F. Henthorne, Sigma Chapter 89-93, Sigma Rho 91-3.  I am a CPG (Certified Petroleum Geologist) #6015.  Growing up I swore to myself that I would never:

1. Be a Geologist
2. Live in Wooster, Ohio (Where I was born and have lived on and off for over 20 years)
3. Work for my father (Whom I have worked for the last 20 years and have been very successful with in Business) at Petro Evaluation Services, Inc.

I have been very fortunate in my career and personal life, and I attribute much of it to enjoying my formative years at the Sigma.  I consider the members to be my closest friends to this day, and I still link up with many of them several times per year or more despite great physical distances between us.

The greatest impact the Sigma had was living the embodiment of a true brotherhood— young men of similar ages living and eating under one roof sharing similar experiences. I grew in some ways, regressed in others and was able to distill what was important to me as a person and figure out who and what I should be. Some would argue it was a rather circuitous path with several false leads, but it was all under the eyes of my brethren who always had my back and encouraged excellence.

Because of the Sigma and this distillation, I realized that my path would be a different one, and that was not only OK, but to be celebrated. This knowledge and confidence served me well to push harder and further and explore the geophysical world around me in ways that others in my own profession saw as folly— and now see as fairly clever.

I look forward to seeing my brothers again soon, both those whom I lived with and those I have not.  Our Chapter is filled with greatness; I hope to hear some stories from others as well.

Jason F. Henthorne

Jason posing on a 14-foot crocodile Jason, Heather (wife), Piper (daughter) and Calvin (son) at the races in Kentucky