Charles Ingersoll II ’69: “I found an affinity to my liking.”

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Q: Why did you join Zeta Psi UPenn in the first place?

A: When I arrived at Penn, I was initially directed to St. A’s, where my father attended.   But, in the subsequent contact with Zetes, I found an affinity to my liking. There was also a group of men from other high schools and boarding schools, who were looking at it too. Most of us ended up at Zeta Psi.  I also looked at St. Elmo’s, very much like Zeta Psi. I ended up being Phi in my sophomore year, due to the unfortunate expulsion of most seniors and juniors.  We rebuilt our membership quickly and we behaved well thereafter! 

Q: What’s your favorite memory from your time in the chapter? 

A: There were many favorite memories.  I was in a band my freshman and sophomore years.  We were called, not surprising for the sixties, the “Magic Mushrooms”.  We played at many fraternities and sororities and were quite popular.  Our lead singer was a shoe-in for Mick Jagger.  I played bass and sang.  We had a great organist and drummer and were quite “the act”. 

Q: Do you still keep in touch with any of your brothers?

A: I do stay in touch with brothers in Philadelphia and at our occasional Philadelphia reunions.

Q: Tell us about the company for which you are an Executive Vice President.

A: I just retired from The Haverford Trust Company where I worked for thirty years.

Q: How did your time in Zeta Psi help to prepare you for that role?

A: As Phi, I guess that executive responsibility helped me.

Q: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

A: I’m very proud of having worked with Haverford Trust since its inception in 1985.

Q: What advice would you give to future generations of Zeta Psi members?

A: Value the contacts you make with your brother Zetes.  I’ve enjoyed their friendship ever since being at Penn.

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