Thank You for Your Service

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In honor of The Fourth of July coming up, we would like to thank the following brothers for their service:

David Sims, USN (1978-84)
Sgt. Charles Ingersoll, Pennsylvania National Guard (First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry, 1969-75)
Lt. Nicholas Fritzhand, USN (F/A-18F Weapon Systems Officer)
Sgt. Joe Scott, Army (1954-56)
Edgar Bates, USN (1972-81 Commissioned Officer)
LTJG Timothy Mitchell, USN (aboard destroyer escort 1971-74, lottery number “5”)
Joe Ingersoll, USMC

Lt. Mark Hopkinson,
“I served in the US Navy on active duty on board an anti-submarine destroyer escort for 3 years in the early 1970s.  I left active duty as a LT (JG) and continued in the Reserves for 10 years thereafter.  I was retired as a LT (O-3).  My lottery number was 66.”

Lt. Col. Eric Lombardini, Army Veterinary Corps.
Currently active, stationed at Fort Carson, Co. Commander for the Public Health Command District Carson.

Sgt. Howard Butcher, IV, Pennsylvania National Guard
28th Division.Armored Cavalry Reconnaissance Company from 1954 through 1959.

If you are a member of the armed forces but are not on this list, or if your information is not up-to-date, please click here to let us know!